Dear the Gillette©

I’m writing to complain about one of your products, but first I think some context is required to understand the nature of my grievance.

I used to look like a bear, a small cuddly one maybe, but a bear none the less.
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Dear Lynx

I’m quite a laid back person and not usually the sort to complain but I do have a slight grievance which I feel I must share. I’m writing this from inside my prison cell after a rather interesting week. One day I’m sure that I’ll look back at this period in my life and will mutter to myself “Those were the days” whilst stifling a knowing smirk. Until that day I will have to make do with writing this feedback, in the hope that others will read this and avoid my current predicament. Let me give you some background first. Continue reading


Dear The Heinz,

I have been a loyal fan of your soup for a long time now. I especially enjoy your ‘cream of’ range as I have very little cupboard space in my kitchen and the half sized tins fit in the available space a treat. I am writing, however, to complain about my most recent purchase of your ‘Cream of Tomato Soup’. I think it’s best if I describe what happened.

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