Whiskas Response Letter

Our 3rd response letter has arrived and it is the best one yet. The person who sent this has actually read the original and not just sent out a bog standard template reply. Click to see the letter and transcript.

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Dear the Vanish,

I’m writing to complain about one of your products, specifically the Vanish Powershot Carpet Stain Remover. Please allow me to explain my grievance.

I like spicy food, I mean incredibly spicy.
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Dear Whiskas,

You claim that your food is filled with essential nutrients to help kittens grow big and strong. You have no idea how right you are. To be honest I think that you are selling yourselves short and should really blow your own trumpet about how big and strong a kitten will become if their diet consists exclusively of Whiskas Kitten food. Continue reading


Dear the Ikea,

I’m writing to complain about one of your products I purchased two months ago. I know it has been a fair amount of time between purchase and complaint, but there is a reason for that. I believe some context is required to understand my issue, so please excuse the length of this letter.
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