Rowntree’s Randoms Response Letter

We got another one. Click to see the letter and transcript.

If you haven’t read it yet click the link to read the original letter here.

Online Version

Dear Neville,

Thank you for taking the time and trouble to write your story about regarding (sic) Randoms which we all appreciated.

We are very pleased to hear that you enjoy them so much. We take great pride in producing really good products so it is fantastic when we get positive feedback like this. For us, it is confirmation that we are getting it right and giving you what you want.

Rowntree’s Randoms loves to hear from its consumers, especially on facebook! In, the stories on the back of the bigger packs were written by competition winners who entered on the facebook fan page. To be able to enter competitions and future opportunities for input into the brand, log on to:

We hope this information will be helpful and thank you for your interest and loyalty to our products. Please enjoy the enclosed Randoms.

Yours sincerely,
Person who got the short straw and had to write the response.

Hmm, the ‘copy and paste’ letter strikes again sadly. Still, I got some free Randoms, shame I don’t actually like them.


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