Whiskas Response Letter

Our 3rd response letter has arrived and it is the best one yet. The person who sent this has actually read the original and not just sent out a bog standard template reply. Click to see the letter and transcript.

If you’ve not seen the original yet click here.


Dear Mr Disgruntled

Thank you for your delightful letter. We all thoroughly enjoyed reading it in the office, I especially liked the part where Dexter insisted on you buying Cartier watches and booking luxury holidays for your better half (have a feeling this might have been a tiny fib), either way this was particularly amusing. Might I say Dexter certainly has turned into Catzilla but he’s still very cute, I suppose you won’t have to ever worry about losing him being that he’s bigger than your house.

I’m so glad to hear Darth Dexter has been enjoying his Whiskas food, I’m sure it makes all the hard work you are doing to afford his addiction worthwhile to see how happy he and your Goddess are, so as they say “don’t give up the day job” or you may end up being sacrificed to Bastet.

To say thanks for taking the time to get in touch please find enclosed a £3.00 voucher that you can put towards Captain Whiskas’ favourite Whiskas products. I realise this won’t buy the several tonnes he needs per day but I hope it might be enough to get him a little treat. Please accept this with my compliments.

Yours Sincerely

The awesome person with a sense of humour at Whiskas HQ

Finally we have found somebody who likes the post we’ve sent them enough to come up with a good reply. Hopefully I have brightened up their day and that we will get more replies along these lines soon.


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