Dear the Bacofoil,

I’ll be honest, until recently I’ve never purchased your product before and, unless you can give me a ruddy good reason why I probably never will do again. Continue reading



Dear The Megabus,

What do you think you’re playing at? I took one of your buses the other week and it was not the enjoyable, moderately slow and cheap journey I was expecting. In fact I got far more than I bargained for; which I suppose in a way is not bad for a quid fifty. But still. Continue reading


Dear the Wotsits,

Firstly may I congratulate you on your cheesy puff snacks; I find them delicious as well as dangerously moreish. They’ve been a snacking favourite of mine ever since my mum gave up feeding me properly and would just throw a family sized bag of Wotsits at my head.

“Eat them.” She’d snarl around a cigarette as she headed out to the bookies with my pocket money. Continue reading