Parker Pens

I sent a complaint to Parker Pens. You can see the original letter below and a painful to read transcription below that.


deer parker pens,

wot is up with you’re neu pen?

i brought it last week cos it lookt nice an the woman in the shop sed it wuld improof imprew make my riteing better

i am loking for a job an I need to right a seevee of sommefing but its not gonna look verry profess good becoz evrytime i right someting it keeps makin thez wierd lines under my words. its realy anoying

oh and thatss notall evrytime i right somethin a papperclip thing a peers an asks me wot i am doin it wont go away and everytime i punsh it it keeps comin bak arseking if i need help.

and its not even wen im wrighting look at the picshure pic in my letter. i av thronw ur pen away but the clippy barstad keeps cumin bak


send help. esso es

re guards


neville haley


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